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KIMO is a fintech P2P lending that digitizes financial inclusion by bridging capital financing from investor to beneficiary safely, easily, and quickly.

Community’s need for communication results in an increasing amount of phone service subscribers. This is our background in helping mobile credit sellers acquire capital to expand their businesses.

We believe that mobile credit sellers, who previously have no access to banking services to get additional capital, will be able to expand their businesses through KIMO.

KIMO is now available to serve M-Kios (Telkomsel).


To become an innovative financing company with exceptional quality of service


To support the business growth of our partner retailers by providing a trustworthy, high quality, digital-based financing

Why Kimo ?

Simple registration
Instant balance top-up

Secured financial system
Friendly Mobile Experience

Competitive Product
Low Administration Fee

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When I went to Klaten, I took the time to chat with a mobile credit seller in his shop, which is quite crowded with customers who want to top up their balances.

Said seller complained that the cash flow to buy mobile credit is limited because Authorized Dealers only accept cash. His customers’ demand for mobile credit is very high, sometimes he ran out of stock because there are no funds to shop for more credits.

In order to fix this condition, KIMO offers a solution for mobile credit sellers: capital loans with a relatively short payment term of 14 (fourteen) days and zero collateral. This service is expected to help mobile credit sellers expand their businesses and increase their mobile credit sales.

This will of course simultaneously bridge the social gap. People from lower classes, who are not familiar with peer to peer lending (P2P Lending) financial inclusion, can now participate in bringing Indonesian economy to a better level.

Regards from KIMO,
Bernard Martian




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